April 25, 2018

About Us

How It All Began

What started in 2013 as a desire to find a durable surface mounted base, lead to disappointment when Mike realized there was nothing suitable out there.  As the equipment manager of his league in Burlington, ON, he was always replacing dozens of hammer in bases each year due to failure.

The next best thing was the post and receiver style bases that are used in pro-ball but unfortunately these were a hassle to install and restricted by many city-owned diamonds.  Recognizing a gap in the market Mike went to the drawing board.  He set out to create a highly durable base that was simple to install and would eliminate all the problems of the current hammer-in bases on the market – broken straps, bent spikes, ripped seams, and a hassle to install and remove, especially on dry, hard diamonds in the middle of summer.

After years of testing and several prototypes, HBase was born.

How We Hit It Out of the Park

First on diamonds in 2017, HBase has had immense positive feedback and a 100% return of all our users in 2018. Through our rental rebate promotion, all but one customer decided they would buy! The one who didn’t buy is renting again! HBase looks forward to the future and aspires to be used on diamonds around the globe. We’ve stepped up to the plate and we plan to hit it out of the park and establish ourselves as the world’s most durable and simplest to install baseball base.

We are proud to say HBase has sold out 3 years in a row!

Our Mission Statement

To provide the market with the safest, most durable, easiest to use, and cost effective bases. HBase is committed to using the best materials available, implementing the highest quality control standards in the industry, & producing THE WORLD’S BEST BASEBALL BASES. Our commitment to our customers is to be second to none, and to continually back our products to those that use them. To support all types of baseball, and its participants, with our continued desire to be the best and strive to always have continual improvements in our product. It is only with this mission that we will be satisfied.